About Huber & Associates

As an information technology company, Huber is in the business of innovation where we investigate, learn, and implement new technologies and solutions regularly.  In our business, we select hardware and software vendors who line up with our core values and core traits, and we use those relationships to create excellent solutions for our clients.  We are committed to excellence in our internal company operations as well as in our business practices.

Our employees’ research cuts through the fog of complexity in IT; we are able to demystify the many evolutions and innovations.  In addition to communicating well with clients, we are experts at integrating a client’s existing hardware and software with new technologies.  This collaborative approach is successful because of the breadth and depth of our technical expertise; without our extensive experience and knowledge base, we would not be able to deliver this cooperative result.

We are a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) certified by the state of Missouri and an IBM Premier Business Partner and we service both private and public sectors.

  • For our enterprise clients we provide technical guidance and access to additional resources from our own staff and our relationships with world class partners such as IBM, Cisco, VMware, etc.
  • For our small and mid-sized clients we provide the same guidance and resource access as our enterprise customers along with our managed services offering to help them experience Worry Free IT.
  • For our public safety clients we have the addition of our Enterpol software, providing an integrated suite of applications for small and mid-sized law enforcement and public safety agencies.