In the Community

we contribute to the communities where our employees and customers live

Jim and Elizabeth Huber set an example for Huber & Associates with their charitable giving, and they take a special interest in causes that are important to employees.  They continually and generously give to the majority of the local schools, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Samaritan Center, local churches, community theater programs, the American Heart Association, the March of Dimes, the Boy Scouts of America, and the Red Cross, just to name a few.

In accord with the company’s core value of service, Huber & Associates is a United Way Pace Setter, and we also have a longstanding relationship with the Salvation Army.   We have an employee committee that plans a monthly dinner for the Salvation Army (all donated, prepared and served by Huber employees) with games and gifts in addition to the meal.

Our purpose is to pursue having a hero’s impact on everyone we encounter. We accomplish this goal by sponsoring a multitude of local civic events and encouraging our employees to get involved on a personal level with causes and service opportunities that have special meaning to them.

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