Network Security

infrastructure to maximize productivity

The day-to-day pressures and responsibilities of running a business can leave some aspects of the company undermanaged, especially when it comes to network security. More often then not, people learn of network security vulnerabilities only when the problem presents itself – costing time and money.

Huber is an industry leader in providing security for networks. Our engineers are expert in not only performing network security audits, but also creating and maintaining network firewalls for maximum protection against intrusion. At Huber, we apply a three-step process to all network security assessments:


As part of our initial network security audit, our professionals perform a physical walk through of your data center and interview your IT staff. Next, we run internal scans to uncover vulnerabilities on the local network. Lastly, we conduct a penetration test from outside your network to get a comprehensive understanding of your security needs.


Following our audit, our staff gets right to work repairing and securing any of the issues and vulnerabilities we uncovered, including installing any necessary hardware/software or performing a network lockdown.


Our network security services do not just end at finding and fixing the problems; we work just as hard to provide you and your business maintenance and management services to protect you from future security risks.

For more information on our network security assessment services, contact Huber & Associates today!


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