IT: The Next Generation

Is your IT stuck in the 80s?


by Michael Huber, Director of Business Development

As a second-generation IT professional, I’ve been around business technology all my life. From “server rooms” that share space in a closet with your cleaning supplies to top of the line systems with multiple layers of security and cloud backups, I’ve seen it all. Every business has different levels of technology needs, but too many legacy systems could be hurting your business and your bottom line.

While the “latest” may not always mean “greatest” for your business, here’s a few simple questions to ask yourself that may indicate it’s time to hit the refresh button on your IT.

What are your current capabilities?

Take a look at your current technologies. What are your current IT capabilities, resources and staffing levels? What are your IT priorities? Taking a deep look at your current capabilities can often give you a good baseline for a realistic IT game plan moving forward.

Do your business priorities align with your capabilities?

Once you know your IT capabilities, compare them against your business goals and priorities. Are your servers in-house or cloud-based, and does this align with the current needs of your business? Is your IT team busy just keeping the lights on or fighting fires while upgrades and new projects are getting stuck on the back burner? Your business could be getting left behind simply because your tech isn’t working the way that you need it to, or because your IT team just doesn’t have the gift of time it needs to help move your business forward.

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

Once your business is thriving, make sure that you create a plan that allows you to continue operating at maximum productivity. Disasters are not always tornadoes and floods but can affect your business all the same. For instance, almost nobody had planned for the business challenges of 2020. Do you have a plan for how your employees can always access your mission-critical data and systems? Are your systems prepared against cyberattacks?

At Huber & Associates, we’re here to help you find solutions that work for you. We can help you assess your IT needs with a security audit and a full network and hosting analysis.


Are you ready to go boldly into the future and take your business to the next level?

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