IT Solutions to Support Your Business

Build a remote-work infrastructure that both supports your employees
and outlasts an emergency transition

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We bring the office to you.

Just because you aren’t sitting at a desk in your company’s office, doesn’t mean that you need to be cut off from the files you need. Here at Huber & Associates, we’re experienced in making sure that your business runs smoothly with seamless, personalized, always-on networking solutions.

We will help you develop a disaster preparedness plan and can back up your data locally or in the cloud. Working in the cloud, employees who are across town or even hundreds of miles away can maintain a real-time, up-to-the-second connection with the home base, virtually being in the office even when they’re not in the room. Plus, we’ll make sure that your data is not only stored efficiently, but also safe and secure.
The technicians and IT experts at Huber & Associates are well versed in a litany of cloud-based platforms, including:

  • Cloud and Hybrid Network Solutions
  • Hosted Exchange Services

Your team has IT questions. We’re here to help.

With our 24/7 Huber Advantage Help Desk, you can contact us whenever you need and are guaranteed a rapid response. We will work with your service providers or software vendors to resolve your problem. Immediately connect or schedule a time to have your issue resolved.

  • We respond promptly
  • We solve problems the first time
  • We communicate in simple ways
  • We regularly review, monitor, and schedule necessary maintenance to ensure your network is always up and running

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