Huber & Associates actively participates in social media.  We have a Facebook page and a Twitter account, and many of our team are on LinkedIn.  These platforms are another way we connect with our community and clients.  Whether it is contacting a team member on LinkedIn, or receiving a timely reminder about a security seminar via Twitter, or reading an assessment of a data breach in the news on our Facebook page, Huber communicates in ways that are convenient for you.


Huber maintains an active Facebook page as an informative online presence.  We frequently post tips for our Facebook friends that alert them to current security issues and concerns.  We also post when we are hiring for positions in the company.

At our company-sponsored local events, we post reminders and photos of the events on our page.  Our Facebook page is a great resource for world, national and local information about issues that impact IT.


Huber & Associates is on Twitter.  This social media gives us the chance to announce and provide timely reminders to our followers of seminars and special events that we are offering.  Add us to your Twitter feed today to keep up to date on what we can offer to help you.