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Enterpol CAD allows dispatch personnel to track the activities of multiple units from multiple agencies simultaneously while maintaining separate, unique and sequential incident numbers for each agency.  The computer-aided dispatch (CAD) interface is user-friendly, which simplifies training new personnel.  All actions in CAD can be easily accomplished with right-clicks, mouse gestures, or keyboard shortcuts. CAD also contains a Command Line input method.  CAD also features the ability to dispatch multiple units from multiple agencies simultaneously to a single incident.

All activity in CAD is date and time stamped, cannot be overwritten, and is stored in the SQL database and pushed to three different locations in IBM Notes.  CAD can be configured to push data to multiple RMS and Dispatch History applications, allowing multiple agencies to have the exact same incident information across different applications.  CAD allows the agency to customize and modify the available list of Incident Types to fit the operational and statistical needs of the agency.

With SQL Server 2008 and above, computer aided dispatch software supports automated email alerts based on Incident Types, when an Incident is dispatched to a unit or when a unit clears an incident.  Email notifications are sent without any interaction on the part of the dispatcher/call taker and are logged in the SQL database.

At Huber & Associates, we offer top-to-bottom service for your computer aided dispatch system, from implementation to continuing maintenance and support.

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