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Enterpol Jail Management System is a full-service application that includes functionality for any sized jail.  The simplified jail data entry is streamlined with integration to the Enterpol RMS application and statewide data share.

JMS utilizes the Central Names database to facilitate “cloning” of Person documents from RMS and other Enterpol agencies participating in the statewide data share.  The powerful integration functionality enables Jailers to “clone” person information, saving time and protecting the accuracy of the jail data.  Unique inmate ID numbers are automatically assigned to track inmate history.  Like RMS, JMS facilitates attaching external files, including photo and inmate information.  JMS leverages the power of IBM Notes search capabilities allowing for full-text or field-specific searching.  EZ Search functionality offers search on key fields such as age range, height range, race and sex, resulting in the capture of specific person details enabling end users to generate photo lineups based on the search criteria.

Daily jail activities are simplified, such as Jailers’ logs, Grievance and Discipline Tracking, Commissary, Visitation—essentially everything required for jail operations.  Enterpol Jail includes a multitude of reports and views and features a customizable Home Screen that contains information specific to any agency.

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