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Enterpol RMS is an IBM Notes application that electronically stores incident data in a hierarchical format.  A Records Management System (RMS) presents all the documents necessary to complete an Incident Report in a tabbed format with many data fields comprised of a type-ahead pick list of available values.  This format allows end-users to quickly navigate through the documents and efficiently enter data.

RMS software captures all Case Data and categorizes it in a simple, easy to find method allowing the end-user to view all the entries for a person and visualize changes in address, phone numbers and alias dates of birth across the person’s history in the RMS software.  Enterpol takes full advantage of IBM Notes unparalleled search capabilities, which allow for full text indexed searching; every letter in every word in every document is searchable.  End-users are also able to perform flexible, advanced searches based on the value of a single field, multiple fields, by date, by author, or layer multiple search criteria into a single query.

Huber provides ongoing support and updates the records management system software frequently to provide enhancements and to reflect changes in forms, statutes, or state mandates.

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