A CIOs Blueprint for Healthcare IT: Ensuring a Secure and Resilient Future

Healthcare organizations all over the nation are finding themselves in the news: in precarious situations, underprepared, under a cyberattack and transferring patients to neighboring hospitals. It’s time to reduce your exposure and build the appropriate IT team and partnerships so you and your essential healthcare organization are better prepared for these situations. We know these pressures and partner with healthcare CIOs, like you, to navigate the complexity of today’s world. The right IT partner knows what it takes to withstand a security incident and how to put the right tools and processes in place to reassure your CEO that your organization is prepared.

The Challenge

These are likely your greatest challenges:

    Data overload

    The healthcare industry generates vast amounts of data, but much of it remains fragmented and difficult to access. CIOs must find ways to integrate and manage this data so that it can be used to improve patient care, reduce costs, and make better decisions.

    Your security threats and IT requirements continue to grow

    The healthcare industry is a prime target for cyberattacks, as patient data is highly valuable and can be used for identity theft, fraud, and other crimes. CIOs must implement strong cybersecurity measures to protect patient data and ensure the integrity of healthcare systems.

    Your internal team is struggling to keep up with all the innovation and digital transformations

    The healthcare industry is undergoing a period of rapid change, as new technologies are emerging with the potential to transform the way that care is delivered. CIOs must stay abreast of these new technologies and find ways to implement them in their organizations in order to improve patient care and reduce costs.
    In addition to these concerns, flat or decreasing budgets and a shrinking IT talent pool are exasperating the issue.

    The Value of a technology partner

    As a healthcare CIO, you are under pressure to ensure your entity’s technology is the best it can be. Yet simply managing your own IT infrastructure requires specialized skills and resources which you may not have available to you. Partnering with an outside IT specialist or managed services provider, like Huber & Associates, allows you to extend your teams’ technical accuracy and maximize the impact of your resources, both people and money.

    Find Trusted Talent to Supplement Your Team

    By joining forces with the right IT partner, you can unlock access to a team of knowledgeable professionals, alleviating the need to invest in internal hiring, training, and retention. The team at Huber & Associates is dedicated to staying abreast of healthcare IT compliance, security, and industry best practices, ensuring that we can provide invaluable guidance and support to your team. Together, we can navigate the complexities of healthcare IT and empower you to achieve your mission.

    Forge a Strategic Partnership

    Huber & Associates is dedicated to helping you succeed. Your IT partner should treat your needs as their top priority, working as an extension of your team to provide proven solutions which fit your budget and goals. They should be able to give you a holistic review of your IT needs and recommend IT solutions that can have the biggest impact for you. With the support of a managed services provider, you can focus on patient care knowing your IT infrastructure and data are in good hands.

    The Time is Now

    Recently, a CIO shared that he only made the financial investment in a quality security program after being the victim of an attack. His entire organization was shut down in minutes because he wasn’t properly prepared. Partnering with Huber & Associates gives you more affordable access to the best security tools in the industry. Form your IT partnerships now, before an emergency arises. Build your layers of prevention against cyberattacks, but also map out a well-prepared response, just in case. The right partner and plan mitigate risks, and we’re ready to help you.

    Why Huber & Associates?

    As a healthcare CIO, you need an IT partner who understands your industry and challenges. Huber & Associates offers superior solutions and unparallelled expertise with a customer-centric approach.

    24/7/365 Support

    We offer around-the-clock services providing rapid response to any need you have. At all times, you’ll find a real-life person, stationed at our headquarters in Jefferson City, MO, who is ready to answer your call—whether it’s day, night, or a holiday. With proactive monitoring, the IT support team works to prevent problems before they arise. If an issue does develop, your team is always on call to quickly address your needs, minimizing impact on operations or patient data access. With Huber & Associates as your IT partner, you’ll have peace of mind knowing help is there when you need it.

    Compliance & Security

    Huber & Associates helps healthcare CIOs meet strict compliance and security standards while considering their unique challenges and budget. Is your business continuity and disaster recovery plan ready for when you’ll need it? The team at Huber & Associates will help your organization develop and test a plan so you are prepared when disaster strikes. Our security assessments and audits also identify vulnerabilities prompting you to act before an incident occurs.

    Agile & Responsive

    The healthcare industry is constantly changing, so your IT needs to adapt. Huber & Associates uses an agile approach, regularly meeting with clients to evaluate priorities and adjust resources as needed. Their team can quickly ramp up to support new initiatives or scale back when demands decrease. This responsive model helps healthcare CIOs make progress on key projects without going over budget.

    Onsite Desktop Support

    Our commitment to a secure and stable IT experience extends to your doorstep. Our onsite desktop support can operate out of one of your locations and provide your users with rapid troubleshooting and resolution tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it’s a technical glitch or a service requirement, our onsite team is ready to ensure uninterrupted operations. Experience the convenience and efficiency of having our support experts right where you need them, ensuring a swift and personalized response to any IT challenge your team may face.

    A Final Thought

    With Huber & Associates as your IT partner, you’ll have a team dedicated to supporting your unique needs and helping you navigate the challenges of healthcare technology. Our solutions and agile approach give you the flexibility and security you need to focus on your top priority: providing the best care for patients.

    You want an IT partner who understands both the technology and the healthcare fields. With Huber & Associates, you will gain an experienced partner to navigate your challenges. Whether you need to supplement your team or outsource IT fully, Huber & Associates has proven solutions for healthcare CIOs. Learn how a partnership with Huber & Associates can equip you with the IT support you need to provide the quality care your patients deserve.