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Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

Your company needs a reliable network at all times to allow you to operate at maximum productivity. You need your technology to provide business continuity on any platform to access files, emails, and data. Huber provides backup and recovery solutions to companies throughout Missouri and across the country. Huber backs up your data every hour locally and encrypts it.

We can keep your data locally or in the cloud, while you keep the key that opens your secure data.  In the case of a disaster, Huber has the flexibility to not only recover your data but also to retrieve it so you can access and use your data while Huber is repairing the damage done to your system. Huber helps prepare your company with a comprehensive disaster preparedness plan, taking you through the process of deciding what should be done, who will be your leaders, and how your business will save and re-implement data.

The Huber Advantage Backup Complete service performs a full image-level backup of critical servers which are then replicated every hour to our partner facility in Lenexa, KS.

This data center features:

  • Unmatched encryption, security, and data integrity protection.
  • Compression of data for lower bandwidth utilization
  • Fully automated backups
  • 24x7x365 Huber Advantage monitoring of backup jobs
  • Self-healing backup engine—our software automatically corrects for common problems with your operating system or network that would cause errors in other backup products
  • Local backups included—save money by using Huber Advantage Backup for all of your backup needs; encrypted local backups let you restore data very quickly while maximizing data security
  • Worry-free backup of open files through Microsoft VSS
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, and other server applications
  • Flexible data retention policies for true point-in-time restores
  • Low bandwidth requirements and adjustable bandwidth settings
  • Backups stored 125ft. below ground hardened energy efficient facility with 24×7 surveillance, redundant internet connections, UPS and generator backup
  • Power from two separate grids
  • Underground, redundant telecom infrastructure with connectivity to multiple fiber optic carriers
  • Location is protected from natural disasters
  • Audit trail-each and every backup includes a detailed electronic audit trail.
  • Restore to virtual machines in redundant data center if disaster strikes providing disaster recovery protection
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