Compute This: Custom Artificial Intelligence Solutions to Accelerate Business Growth

Like it or not, you’re utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) in your personal life daily – everything from your Smart phone to your self-driving vehicle is taking advantage of this technology. Whether or not you appreciate this functionality is another thing, but, like it or not, it’s making you more efficient.

Since you’re using it personally, why not utilize AI to make your business more efficient? What if you could automate those tedious tasks, and make faster, better decisions? Or perhaps you think there's untapped potential for your business, and you just don't know where to start. AI could be the game-changing tool you never knew you needed.

AI doesn't have to be intimidating. In fact, it's easier to implement than you think, and the payoff can be huge. AI can allow your team to focus on higher-value work instead of grunt tasks or uncover data-driven ways to improve everything from your supply chain operations to forecasting. With a strategic approach, AI can empower your employees, optimize your operations, and transform your customer experience. It’s time to allow AI technologies to help take your business to the next level.

Determine if AI Is Right for Your Business

What challenges does your business face?

No matter your industry, from healthcare services to manufacturing, there are likely internal processes that are less efficient than they could be. Have you determined a systematic approach to gaining insight into customer wants and needs? Perhaps your employees spend too much time on repetitive tasks? AI may be able to help.

What data and resources do you have available?

AI solutions require data to learn and improve. Determine what data your business already collects that could be leveraged for AI, such as, customer information, sales records, website data, or operational logs. The more data you have, the more sophisticated your AI can become. If data isn’t available, steps to collect the right data might be needed.

Deploying AI isn’t as simple as flipping a switch. However, oftentimes, the servers and computers that your company already utilizes, such as Lenovo ThinkPads, may have been built with a system that can adapt to the workload demands of AI. This means that your existing hardware may have untapped potential computing power necessary to handle adding AI tasks.

How will you integrate AI into your operations?

The best way to determine if AI is right for your business is to launch a pilot project. Start with a well-defined problem, build a basic AI model to address it, and evaluate the results. See how employees interact with the system and adjust as necessary. If the pilot is successful, you'll gain valuable insights to apply to larger initiatives. If not, you can reassess whether AI is the right approach.

Partner With Huber & Associates to Create Custom AI Solutions

The potential benefits of AI for business are huge, but it should be implemented thoughtfully. Huber & Associates recommends always starting by assessing your needs and resources. By asking the right questions of your business needs, we can help find and provide proven solutions to transform your company in a strategic way. With the right partnership and strategy, AI can help your business work smarter and gain a competitive advantage.

Save Time and Money

Creating custom applications in-house means recruiting top tech talent, providing training, and allocating resources to design, develop, and deploy solutions. This requires major investments of time, money, and effort that can distract you from your core business. Partnering with Team Huber’s custom development team bypasses these costs and accelerates your time to value. We have the infrastructure and proven experience to hit the ground running and start implementing your projects quickly.

Access Advanced Technology

As a dedicated full-service technology provider, Huber & Associates stays on the cutting edge of AI, machine learning, and programming tools so they can build solutions using the latest techniques and algorithms. We follow best practices for developing impactful AI systems that are accurate, unbiased, and secure. Plus, our expertise across industries gives insight into what’s working for other companies and how to apply those lessons to your business.

Leverage Outside Expertise

Partnering with an experienced technology and custom development provider allows you access to an entire team of talented full stack developers, engineers, and data scientists to build systems specific to your business. Team Huber has the skills and knowledge to help you determine how AI solutions can drive value in your organization, how to collect and analyze the data required, and develop custom applications and AI solutions to achieve your goals.

With Huber & Associates, we’re not just another vendor; we’re your partner and an extension of your team. We take the time to deeply understand your business, key challenges, and goals so we can recommend proven IT strategies customized to meet your businesses’ needs. With an ongoing partnership, our team can continue enhancing and optimizing your systems over time and provide support to ensure maximum benefit.

While taking the leap into implementing technology solutions, especially AI, can seem daunting, the possibilities are endless. The next big innovation for your company could be just around the corner. Don't let complexity or uncertainty hold you back. With the right partner, like Huber & Associates, AI can take your business where you've always wanted it to go.