Top 4 Reasons to Supplement an In-house IT Team with a Managed Services Provider

The IT hiring landscape is challenging, some might even say tense. It is easy to see why. In the current labor market, there have been no shortages of new hurdles for companies to jump as they have worked on building their IT teams. From rising salaries and fewer highly skilled tech candidates to increased local and global competition… you name it, companies hiring for in-house tech positions have seen it all. For companies looking to hire entire teams or to staff a whole project at once, these challenges are multiplied, and so are the costs they bring.

Recently, I was able to sit down with Jesse Haller, Chief Revenue Officer at Huber & Associates, to dive deeper into these issues. According to Haller, these recent recruiting trends are likely to hold steady as talent gravitates toward companies that can offer greater salaries, benefits and employee investments. So, how can companies weather their tech hiring struggles without compromising their IT initiatives? Hire an IT managed services provider (MSP) to partner with your existing IT team.

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider as you evaluate your hiring options.

Find Skilled and Trained Talent

By engaging an MSP, you receive the benefit that the MSP has already done the hard work of hiring and retaining talented IT staff. Whether you are looking to hire software developers, data analysts, or IT project managers, an MSP can provide you ready access to the skills you need and help you scale as needed.

Gain Proactive Support

When you hire an in-house IT specialist, you gain an employee for 40 hours a week.  This employee might work on many other technology-related tasks outside of providing IT support to other employees. One benefit of working with an MSP is that you’ve hired an entire TEAM with the ability to deliver proactive support for your business without other technology-related responsibilities. Since the MSP’s support team is wired to help reduce downtimes business’s experience by proactively monitoring your systems, your business may experience fewer disruptive IT outages.

Ensure Redundancy and Resiliency

With an MSP, you do not have to worry about the turnover of the IT support personnel and having to continuously search for the next candidate. Any institutional knowledge can be shared within the MSP team, providing built-in redundancies, meaning that you will never be left short-staffed. Instead, your existing IT department gains a full team well acquainted with your systems and processes, reducing your risks and giving you more stability.

Industry-Leading Certifications

As part of its ongoing relationships with enterprise level vendors, an MSP will keep their IT staff’s skills honed with continuing education, certifications, and industry best practices. By working with multiple clients and systems, MSP staff members are experienced and highly competent in their role. They can spread knowledge throughout their team and get regularly trained.

If you’re facing tech hiring struggles, you are not alone. But the tight labor market doesn’t have to negatively impact the timelines for your day-to-day tech needs or vital project launches. When you supplement your in-house IT team with managed IT services using Huber & Associates, your initiatives can stay on track with a skilled partner to support you and your business every step of the way.