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Perfecting the Power behind Medicaid® Enrollment

With close to 20 years of experience supporting IT networks, Billy Ivy knows infrastructure challenges come in all shapes and sizes. Before joining Huber & Associates three years ago, Billy held a variety of positions from working in a governmental data center to managing a global back-up recovery team for IBM supporting 10 products across […]

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Data Storage Tiering Gets Logistics Company on the Road Again

Matt Sekelsky approaches every network systems challenge with the same mindset: no preconceived opinions. Matt adopted this approach after serving 10 years with Huber & Associates in a variety of roles, from pre-sales to management to development and now senior systems engineer. “There are a million different reasons people choose one IT solution over another,” […]

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Wendy’s Data Breach a Wake-Up Call for All Businesses

With data security, “everything old is new again.” That’s a key takeaway from a recent conversation with our Director of Business Innovation Clayton Hicklin. Clayton’s insights on the malware-driven credit card breach at more than 1,000 Wendy’s fast food restaurants offer a roadmap for small and mid-sized companies seeking to improve cyber-preparedness. What can you […]

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The Power of Partnership: IBM & Huber

The saying “two minds are better than one” rings true when it comes to partnership in the technology world. Companies must collaborate to deliver superior products and services. Huber & Associates partners with leading hardware and software vendors in order to provide the best IT solutions to our clients. In our business, we are committed […]

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Leveraging Network Security with Cisco

Cyber-attacks are becoming more invasive by the minute and using outdated or insufficient technology can invite attacks. There is too much at stake when intruders hack into the most sensitive areas of your network. When you want the best protection for your company data, you need to be a forward thinker — a step ahead of […]

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Spring is Here!

              What better way celebrate the beginning of Spring than to lay your eyes on this bright, nostalgic photo? Affectionately named “Bliss” by Microsoft, it was the generic desktop wallpaper of the retired operating system, Windows XP. Reaching over a billion people to date, this sunny picture from California […]

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End of Support for IBM Power Systems Software

IBM I Operating System requires Service Extension for level V5R4 with end of support 9/30/2016. Operating System V6R1 end of support is 9/30/2018. To avoid these service extension charges, upgrade your system(s) to a supported Operating System level. DB2 Web Query for SYS I will no longer be supported as of 9/30/2016 and requires a […]

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Convenient Help, Rapid Relief

Things in the office are humming along splendidly. You are briskly checking off to-do list tasks and even have time for a long sip of coffee while it’s still hot. A perfect morning with the promise of a perfect afternoon. Heck—you may even get home before the nightly news! Until… The rainbow wheel of death […]

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IT project management

IT Project Management: An Inside Look

IT Project Management expert, Pam Kroeger, has been a member of Team Huber for the past twenty years. She helps companies of all sizes achieve success by utilizing her project management skills that keep projects on track.  We think that’s pretty incredible, so we asked her to share her knowledge and experience. Q. How does […]

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