Why Choose Managed SQL Database Services?



by Michael Huber, Director of Business Development
with Kent Hillman, Director of IT

Creating an IT department and hiring the right people can be an expensive endeavor. You spend time and money recruiting and hopefully finding the right candidates for the skills you need, then you must stay competitive to keep your staff from leaving. Even if you have a great company with competitive pay, turnover can be high. As a result, the message we hear more and more often: “Our business and IT team is short on time, talent, and resources.” So, how can you keep up with the data-driven demands of today’s always-on world?

Recently, I was able to sit down with Kent Hillman, Huber & Associates’ Director of IT to learn why more businesses are turning to managed services to help build, manage and scale their database to fit their needs.

Rich Kliethermes
Kent Hillman, Huber & Associates’ Director of IT

What are the key benefits of Managed Database Services?

Unless you have database experts on your team, it can be difficult to get peak database performance. Partnering with a database managed service provider like Huber & Associates, provides you access to a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals who will fine-tune the database to drive optimal performance. By constantly studying and updating their skill sets, our managed database services team has the specialized depth and breadth of experience that can augment your current IT staff, allowing you to focus your internal resources on core business activities. Sometimes even just having a new set of eyes that can provide a useful independent audit of your database configurations.

A consistent database management service can provide you with peace-of-mind continuity and security that can keep you up and running even if turnover becomes an issue. With a managed service, database problems are often detected and resolved faster—sometimes before you are even aware there is an issue. This proactive management can dramatically reduce your unscheduled downtime and IT costs.

What options are available with a Huber & Associates Microsoft SQL Managed Service?

At Huber & Associates, we have a variety of ways that our team can partner with you to provide Microsoft SQL Managed Services.

  1. Health Check

If you are unsure of what database systems you have or just need a checkup, let our team come in and provide a one-time health check of your Microsoft SQL environments. During this health check, we can perform an inventory of your SQL environments, review your database latency and performance, look for potential optimizations of your environment, review and provide a growth plan, evaluate system backups and disaster recovery procedures, and review security updates and patches. You’ll get a comprehensive consultation resulting in a full understanding of the current health and status of your SQL database.

  1. Upgrade and/or Migration of Databases

In many cases, we see an abundance of database environments that can be consolidated to operate more efficiently, potentially allowing for a reduction of licenses the business carries. Let Huber & Associates evaluate your database environments to find cost efficiencies. We can also assist with application upgrades, data migrations, disaster recovery, and other special projects.


  1. Full SQL managed administration

As an ongoing, scalable service, Huber & Associates SQL experts can monitor and manage your SQL environments 24/7 providing you with optimized performance and security. Reduce costs, reduce risk, and receive both proactive and reactive support for your database.

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